SPD Congress Towards the Future on 30th October 2016

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“Write the future together with us”

SPD Congress Towards the Future from Willy-Brandt-House in Berlin

Politics must provide answers to the challenges of the future.
Politics must be open to new issues.
And politics must be fun.

On 30th October, the SPD will show that there is no better place for that than within Social Democracy: at the SPD Congress Towards the Future.

The SPD doesn’t want to retreat to sterile meeting rooms, but wants to go out and discuss with all those who are interested in social democratic politics – whether they are party members or not. And it wants to open up Willy-Brandt-House for just that: Parallel to the debates on content, unaccustomed insights into the party headquarters will be given, which is in fact, not just there for Berlin politicians, but for all.

There will be workshops in which everyone can participate: from the party chairperson to the interested party, who just happened to be passing by.

The SPD wants to discuss in Willy-Brandt-House as well as online: on Twitter, Facebook and This allows all party members and interested parties to participate.

The SPD Congress Towards the Future should be like the SPD: committed, colourful, open and not just an arbitrary political festival. It is an important step towards the party manifesto for the Bundestag election: “We are writing the future.”

Would you like to question and discuss with Sigmar Gabriel and Katarina Barley about equality and fairness? Do you want to know what ideas for a modern family policy Manuela Schwesig has? Have you ever wanted to talk with Thomas Opperman about security in the changing world, or would you like to learn about Malu Dreyer and Andrea Nahles’ new ideas for digitalisation and pensions?

Then visit Willy-Brandt-House on Sunday – or follow the discussions online: Live streaming by b1group GmbH , the agency for live communication in Berlin, is available for all those who can’t be present, on the SPD website from 11.00 – 16.00 and live on Facebook.

In Twitter Townhall, Katarina Barley, Malu Dreyer and Manuela Schwesig will answer questions posed by users of the social network Twitter from 12.15. The hashtag for the event on Twitter, Facebook etc. is #OpenSPD .

Translation: Stephen Hartley

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