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SRF-Health: moderated chat on “Insomnia” 20.01.2014

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Good sleep is just as important as eating and drinking.

However, nearly every second person above 65 years complains of chronic poor sleep. Simple behavioural changes are already helping.

Sleep disorders can have medical reasons, such as respiratory problems, movement disorders, pain, or other diseases. Often, these problems are homemade, however they can be overcome relatively simply.

SRF-Health starts  its moderated chat with our talk42 Chat Software on “insomnia” on Monday 20/01/2014 from 21:05. Find the chat and the responses of the pulse experts and of previous chats.

Changes to behaviour can counter insomnia:

Regular daily routine: Get up at the same time every day, take a short, not more than 30-minute lunch break and don’t fall asleep in the evenings while watching TV.

Physical Activity: Be active. Studies show that people who excercise every day, sleep better than those who are Inactive. Excercise can have the same effect as a sleeping pill, but only if you excercise regularly and over a long period.

Social Activity: Maintaining social contacts can have a positive effect on sleep quality.

Don’t lay in bed when awake: If you wake up, get up. If you wake up, do something relaxing in another room. Sit down (do not lie), read a book or drink a tea. If you feel tired again, then try to sleep again.

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