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Moderated chat – simple, safe and controlled

For moderated chats, the talk42 ChatSuite software, developed by us and in use since 2001, is the leading chat software. It can be used worldwide and is used by some of our customers to enable comprehensive presented chats. It can also provide FAQs or knowledge based data.
The talk42 ChatSuite has been widely used since 2001 by businesses, politics, culture and the media for safe dialogue, both with the bottom-up as well as the top-down approach with relevant target groups. It is the perfect complement to streaming and the ideal tool for interactive communication in real time between management and employees, businesses and journalists or media and readers. The talk42 ChatSuite is a complete web based software and uses our own server clusters, avoiding outside access. So that maximum security and 100% stability for your communication can be ensured.

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Easy integration of a moderated chat

To participate in a moderated chat with talk42 chat software, users require no technical add-ons,  they can use their  browser of choice, i.e.  Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. The link to your moderated chat can be easily integrated on to your website.

Full Service Package

b1group offers a full service package of services for the complete processing of moderated chats. We undertake all the planning, organisation, implementation along with you and moderate your text and video chats. We conduct workshops in which we convey our experience and knowledge that will even make a self directed chat a success.

PreChat Module

PreChats are put online a few days prior to the live text or video chats. In the PreChat phase users are able to suggest topics, post questions and write reviews of already published questions, to enable moderators to sort topics or issues of high interest and pass them on to guests or experts.

Easy integration of a talk42 chats

talk42 functions via our own servers. The link to the moderated chat is included on your site. Alternatively, talk42 can be integrated into an existing CMS (eg Drupal).

Important: To take part in a talk42 chat users do not need Java or Flash.

Optional accessory packages

As a complementary add-on package, we provide trained staff to integrate social media platforms and for moderation etc.,

talk42 ChatSuite users include the Federal Ministry for Health and Social Affairs (BMGS), Deutsche Bank, German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Technicians Health Insurance Fund (TK), EADS (Airbus Group), Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES), Home Shopping Europe (HSE24), Central German Broadcasting (MDR), Nestlé, Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), West German Broadcasting (WDR), Vodaphone.

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