SPD parliamentary group’s Economics Reception 2016


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“Renewal and cohesion. Future investment for Germany and Europe.”

SPD parliamentary group’s Economics Reception 2016 on 28.09.2016

Germany is a vital country. Here economic success, a powerful welfare state and a modern and cosmopolitan society are combined. At the fifth Economics Reception of the SPD parliamentary group, Economic success and social cohesion can be secured was discussed.

Whether private households, business or politics, for all there are the same opportunities to use the Euro generated: One can consume, save or invest it. But only by investing, can the basis be created, to be able to earn extra money later. Here, social equity and cohesion are not only an object of investment, but they are an essential prerequisite for economic success.

Live streaming from b1group GmbH , the agency for live communication from Berlin, was provided for those not able be present at the SPD faction in the Reichstag.

Translation: Stephen Hartley

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