Moderated chat: Blauer Engel – umweltfreundliches Telefonieren


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05/12/2013 Chic and multifunctional. Can modern telephone calls also be green?

The following leading experts answered questions on green telecommunications topics:

Dr. Hans-Hermann Eggers directs the Department of eco-design, eco-labeling and green procurement the Federal Environment Agency. This acts as a branch of the Environmental Label Jury and develops the technical criteria and basic criteria of  Blue Angel.

Claudia Sprinz is consumer electronics expert and spokesperson for Greenpeace.

Cornelia Szyszkowitz works with Deutsche Telekom on sustainability.  German Telekom uniquely offers the first Blue Angel landline phones.

Ulrike Schell from the Consumer advice centre in North Rhine-Westphalia, responsible for the  field of nutrition and the environment.

Horst Iken is a product manager at Olympia, the first Blue Angel mobile phones flag user.

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