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04.02.2013 Directly after the ARD programme

Der Apple-Check  – A Film by Rebecca Gudisch and Gönke Harms was actively discussed with the makers of the film using our talk42 Chat Software . Many brands have fans, Apple has “disciples”. Who will be camping outside stores to purchase a new smart phone or just a T-shirt with the company logo. How can this hype be explained? With the “Apple-Check” ARDs First Channel continues its Markencheck series, in which popular brands and the company policy behind them come under the microscope. This time to the test: the most valuable brand in the world, according to experts. Cool, safe and easy to use – this is what one connects with Apple products. But do the much-vaunted devices actually have an edge over the competition? How good is the service in Apple Stores? And what is going on in the heads die hard Apple fans? “The Apple-check ‘asks these questions and has looked also at China, the Apple production land. Were Chinese working conditions improved as was promised?  

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