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09.02.2012: Streaming from the Chancellor’s Office with Angela Merkel

The civil dialogue between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the public on Germany’s future under the motto “Humane and successful.” has started. On the 9th February, the Chancellor is in dialogue with the co-founder and managing director of policy-digital.de, Steffen Wenzel, about the objectives of the online civic dialogue and the future of online participation in the policy process. The conversation can be seen on Thursday, 9th February, from 18:00 live at www.dialog -about-deutschland.de on www.bundesregierung.de or on politik-digital.de

b1group broadcastst the event live from the Chancellor’s Office as a stream on www.bundesregierung.de.

The public can ask questions beforehand about online participation and vote on it.

The interview with the Chancellor can be viewed in full here.


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