Moderated Chat

Moderated chat of b1group with talk42

Moderated chats provide a means of controlled communication.

In contrast to unmoderated chats, in which contributions are published simultaneously to being entered, In a moderated chat it is possible to sift through the contributions beforehand and structure an articulated sequence.

This creates a valuable interview through thematically ordered content. Our talk42 chat software has any desired number of moderation levels, so that a group of moderators can view, then communicate with users, passing relevant posts to head moderator.

The main presenter’s moderation weaves the thematic thread thereby steering the actual chat.

The moderated chat is the perfect solution for your online information session or internal communication. Through the use of a moderator, the entire text chat, both in its PreChat phase, as well as in live web conferences, are conducted in such a way that a structured interview with matched questions and answers, develops between experts and chat users in interview form. Used to increase the authenticity of corporate communications, hosted webcams or a livestream can be integrated into a live web conference. talk42 chat suite moderation even has options for a Twitter generated hashtag and allows different workflows in moderated chats.

A moderated chat with the talk42 chat software is the perfect solution for your online information session or internal communications.

Here you can find all moderated chats of b1group GmbH