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There’s still a bit of interest to be had

How best to distribute my money ? Are savings invested in foreign banks as safe as with German banks in the case of bankruptcy ? Financial test experts Uwe Doehler and Ariane Lauenburg respond to questions about interest deals at over 120 banks, as well as the safety of savings in the case of bankruptcy of institutions on Wednesday, 8th January from 14:00 to 15:00 on You can be there using our talk42 Chatsoftware to receive answers to your questions on the subject of “Interest”. You can post your questions here now.

Quiet nights are more important than a nice yield for many savers. But where can money be saved where interest is still above the rate of inflation? To which banks should depositors move in order to build up at least a small interest rate increase ? What direct banks have the best deals ? And : Are there direct banks, where money can be deposited without using the internet ? These and many other questions are answered by financial test experts Uwe Doehler and Ariane Lauenburg on 8 January 14:00 to 15:00 on the chat.

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