Live Streaming from the G7 Summit at Schloss Elmau

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Die Bundesregierung“Second day of the Summit”

G7 deliberates over on climate, energy and development

Climate and energy were at the top of the G7 agenda at the beginning of the second day of the Summit in Schloss Elmau. After which the participants met with representatives of African states and international organizations. Topics: Development policy, women and health.

The leaders of France, Britain, Italy, Japan, Canada, the US and the EU presidency as well as the European Commission are meeting again to continue their deliberations.

Preparations for the climate summit in Paris
Initially, the focus was on climate policy. The G7s primary objective is to prepare the climate summit in Paris in December. Where it is important to adopt a binding global climate agreement.

It is of importance for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the participants of the G7 summit commit to the so-called two-degree target. This was made clear in her latest video podcast. The same is true for the financing of climate issues. It is important that the G7 confirms the commitment to one hundred billion Euro fund, which is intended to put 100 billion euros annually from 2020 into climate issue finance.

On energy, the G7 intends to support the Hamburg Declaration of Energy Ministers. At a meeting in mid-May in Hamburg, the energy ministers agreed amongst other things, to strengthen the security of energy supply.

Live streaming of the Chancellor Angela Merkel’s closing press conference at Schloss Elmau by b1Group at, and

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