Schöne neue Datenwelt?

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‘Big Data’ discussion

Brave New Data World?

The SPD will also be discussing Digital Life #DigitaLEBEN at its reception for the Self-emloyed Association (AGS). The focus of the discussion with Sigmar Gabriel, the SPD’s chairman as well as others, including blogger Sascha Lobo, will be:

Chances as well as the risks of ‘Big Data’.

Everyone is talking about Big Data. The term initially ‘only’ described the continually growing amount of data on the Internet. According to calculations, web data volume doubles every two years – an enormous volume of data, which it is no longer possible to process by conventional methods.

Data as a commodity
Up till now, the purely technical aspect of Big Data – just like the Digital World itself – has had a social downside: Companies and States recognised long ago the opportunities that lie in the control over mountains of data.

The effective evaluation of resource data is now a billion dollar business, companies like Facebook, Google or Apple earn fortunes – beyond any democratic control over what happens to our data. And governments too are increasingly interested in our data, keyword: security.

Discussion with Gabriel und Lobo
There has long been a wide debate on how to deal with ‘Big Data’, also conducted intensively in the SPD. The Social Democrats want to deepen the debate on November 24th, under the heading ‘Brave New World? How Big Data changed our society’. SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel, the blogger and strategy consultant Sascha Lobo, author and Big Data expert Yvonne Hofstetter and the founder of, Robert Maier.

SPD presents Innovation Award
Following the panel’s discussion, this year’s Innovation Award “For sure – IT security” for more privacy and against economic and industrial espionage will be awarded.

Live Streaming from b1group GmbH, Agency for Live Communication from Berlin, for those unable to attend.

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