Live streaming: The Germans’ sense of security on 10th November 2016

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“Talking about the Future”

The Germans’ sense of security – Are we a society of fear?

How safe is Germany? Many people are increasingly worried about their safety. 82 per cent of Germans are afraid that violence and crime in our country will increase. Three out of four German citizens are afraid of a terrorist attack. Politicians must take these concerns seriously and offer solutions. At the same time, the objective safety situation and the subjective feeling of safety often differ. Dangers from violence and terrorism are over-estimated, and other great dangers are ignored. How should politics deal with this “Risk Paradox” (Ortwin Renn)?

The SPD Bundestagsfraktion wants to discuss the future with experts: What subjective and objective threats to our security are there? Which policy measures are appropriate to increase the subjective feeling of security and the objective security in Germany? What role do issues that go beyond the narrow range of public security, such as social security, cohesion and social trust play?

Live streaming by b1group GmbH , the agency for live communication from Berlin, is available from 18:00 until 20:00 for all those who cannot be present at the Reichstag, on the SPD Parliamentary Group’s website.

Translation: Stephen Hartley

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