G7-Jugendgipfel im Kanzleramt

Live streaming with the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Manuela Schwesig

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Die Bundesregierung“G7-Youth Summit”

Young Ideas for the G7

Young people from 19 countries are currently in Berlin to discuss their views on the themes of the G7 meeting. On Monday they will present their ideas for a better future to Chancellor Merkel. The Youth Summit was organised by the Federal Ministry of Youth and UNICEF.

For one week they are in Berlin: 54 girls and boys between 14 and 18 years old, to exchange information on the themes of the G7 meeting next month. The young people not only come from all G7 countries, but also from other EU countries, as well as developing countries. With the motto “Responsibility to act” they will discuss the themes of the ” big ” G7 Summit from the perspective of the younger generation.

But it won’t just be discussion. On Monday, the young people will present their ideas and demands for a better future to Chancellor Angela Merkel. She wants to know exactly what ideas and wishes the young people have for the leaders of the G7 countries. Federal Youth Minister Manuela Schwesig will also be at the meeting.

Live streaming of the G7 Youth Summit will be provided by b1group on the www.g7germany.de, www.bundesregierung.de and www.bundeskanzlerin.de websites.

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