Gut leben in Deutschland

Live streaming with Chancellor Angela Merkel

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Die Bundesregierung“Gut leben in Deutschland – Live well in Germany”

In Dialogue with Federal Chancellor

Chancellor Merkel discussed with members of the public today the quality of life in Germany at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. Starting the second phase of the civil dialogue ” Live well in Germany – what is important to us.”

This week, the civil dialogue goes into its second phase. All over Germany clubs, foundations, churches, social organisations, business associations and trade unions are organising events. In addition, dialogue sessions with members of the federal government are also planned. At the first event today in Berlin with Chancellor Angela Merkel, around 60 members of the public have been invited to meet the Chancellor to discuss the quality of life in Germany.

Chancellor Merkel would like to know
For the Chancellor, it is important to learn as much as possible about the perceptions of citizens of what makes a good life. So this time, it will be the Chancellor who will be asking the questions. In addition to “What is important to you personally in your life?” and “What is your opinion on the quality of life in Germany?” the discussion will lead on to which improvements are needed and who is needed to change existing situations.

To illustrate the quality of life in all its facets as fully as possible, the group of participants at the event on Monday, reflect a cross-section of the German public. All age groups and all social classes, as well as all educational groups are represented – always in accordance with their respective procential share in the Federal Republic. For this reason, 53 percent are, for example, female, 47 percent of the dialogue guests are male. Students have also been invited to the civil dialogue process.

In order to achieve this cross-section, randomly selected participants of the study “living in Germany – the Socio-Economic Panel” were invited to the dialogue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The study is a representative survey of households in Germany, which has been carried out annually since 1984. On behalf of the German Institute for Economic Research Berlin, TNS Infratest Sozialforschung year questioned more than 25,000 people in around 15,000 households. A small selection of them now have the opportunity to speak with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Living well in Germany.

b1group’s live stream of the Dialog with the Chancellor can be viewed at, and

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