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Self determined and in the thick of things – the Federal Law on participation is coming !!

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities which came into effect in 2008 and which was ratified a year later by Germany, is recognized as a milestone on the path to greater self-determination and social participation for people with disabilities. It is therefore logical that the coalition agreement contains numerous mandates for action to improve the lives of people with disabilities. One of these mandates is manifested by the joint agreement, to reform the benefits of integration assistance for people with disabilities, by creating a modern Federal Participation Law during this legislative period. The first draft of the law was recently published and is now in the interministerial coordination phase, as well as seeking the participation of the associations.

Against this background, the SPD parliamentary group with their spokeswoman on disabled matters Kerstin Tack MP, are hosting a conference on “Self determination and in the thick of things – the Federal Law on participation” in the lobby of the Paul Löbe Building of the German Bundestag.

Live Streaming from b1group GmbH, the Berlin agency for live communication, is available on the SPD Parliamentary Group’s Website for those who cannot attend the conference at the German Bundestag.

Translation: Stephen Hartley

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