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Digital is better!? #spdnetz

Network Political Congress – Digital Agenda 2014-2017

The 2nd Political Congress of the SPD parliamentary group is titled : “Digital is better!?”. Digital transformation is changing how we live, work and learn.

Therefore, the form the digital society should take is also one of the main themes of this legislature period. In August a year ago, the federal government presented its Digital Agenda for 2014 to 2017. The annual balance sheet of this first comprehensive digitisation policy shows that important initiatives and measures have now been launched and put in place, but at the same time that the challengeshave not become smaller.

The opportunities and potential of the “Digital workplace” and the “Digital Economy” will be the focus of the 2nd Network Political Congress, as well as how the question of data will change our everyday lives.

One year after the launch of the Digital Agenda and at the halfway point of the Legislature period we want, in dialogue with members of the public, business, academia, trade unions and civil society, to discuss the state of the implementation of the digitisation policy, about the first results and especially to the to discuss tasks of network policy that lie ahead. The aim is to form the changes so that the digital society remains an open, free and livable society. We want to discuss with you this week and to present the network policy positions of the SPD parliamentary group and integrate the expertise from business, academia and civil society into our political opinion.

The live stream from b1group GmbH, agency for live communication in Berlin, is available for those who cannot be present in the Paul-Löbe-Building on the SPD Parliamentary Group website.

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