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Re-thinking Society!

Demography Congress

The SPD parliamentary group sees demographic change as a multi-disciplinary task, which predominantly in the medium to long term will require solutions at federal, state and local authority levels, because we are getting older and more colourful, but there will be fewer of us. Therefore, as part of the Demography Congress, a changing society will be illustrated, one which should grasp the opportunities of the current refugee momentum:

As an example, can the labour market be made ​​fit for the future? How do we strengthen families? How can the welcome culture be lived out for the benefit of all in society? In this first part of the Demography Congress, the Group wants to bring these, as well as other questions to the fore and discuss them with you.

In the second part of the Congress, the Group will focus on public services in the municipalities – taking note of the refugee dynamics: What in particular can the structurally weak and rural regions, with the help of the Federal government, do to counter demographic change and actively shape it? Does Germany require a demography Structural Fund, in order to provide sufficient resources for the changes to come?

It is foreseeable that income and property tax revenues in the municipalities will decline due to demographic factors. Municipalities with a population decrease will be the losers of the previous fiscal redistribution in the municipal financial equalization plans. These communities in particular must develop strategies to maintain public service structures, for example, in public transport or in the support of those requiring home care. The management of demographic change must be accompanied by concerted regional and urban development policies and supported by the appropriate funding. To meet these challenges, strong efforts will be needed to made at all levels.

The SPD parliamentary group wants to discuss with you on ideas and concepts to provide the answers on the pressing subject of demographic change.

The live stream from b1group GmbH, agency for live communication in Berlin, is available for those who cannot be present on the SPD Parliamentary Group website in German.

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