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Die Bundesregierung“G7 Presidency”

Equal Rights to the fore

Giving women courage to take their lives into their own hands. This is one of the objectives of the G7 dialogue forum with women from around the world. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited women from business, science and society to the dialogue.

Many women from the G7 countries and developing countries meet next Wednesday and Thursday for an exchange of ideas in Berlin. The common goal is to improve the professional training of girls and women and to promote the entrepreneurial independence of women.

In the final declaration of the G7 Summit, the promotion of women had become an important issue. Merkel pointed out, “that there is not only in developing countries considerable pent-up demand, but that in the industrialized countries, the structural differences between men and women are still present -. For example amongst the self-employed”

Economic participation is therefore also one of the key topics of the dialogue at the Federal Chancellery. Working women invest their income mostly in the health, education and nutrition of their families. This significantly reduces poverty. Nevertheless, women are working in many countries in poor conditions and are only negligibly rewarded.

Other topics of the dialogue are political participation, opportunities for women in the digital world and the women’s access to basic medical care.

The event is part of a comprehensive dialogue with civil society. Nevertheless, high-level representatives of the policy will be guests at the Chancellery on Wednesday. Expected are the Jordanian Queen Rania, the Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the head of the United Nations Development Programme, Helen Clark.

The event at the Federal Chancellery is part of a comprehensive dialogue with civil society as part of the German G7 presidency. The Chancellor led the dialogue ahead of the G7 meeting in Elmau with union representatives, non-governmental organizations, young people and representatives from science and industry. More than 50 women from around 30 nationalities will discuss the strengthening the role of women in developed and developing countries.

Live streaming of the event by the B1Group on, and übertragen.

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