heartbleed bei talk42 geschlossen

Heartbleed security breach in talk42 ChatSuite closed

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The Heartbleed security breach was closed by our programmer and administrative team with a patch, shortly after the announcement on the night of April 7th and 8th.

Sites were susceptible to the serious SSL bug – and there are still even some. Tests showed that the breach also allowed access to confidential information such as clear text passwords. …

Basically, all confidential data that had been run on the server, should now be regarded as compromised. An attacker gets the sensitive data on a silver platter because he manages to get insight into the storage area of OpenSSL. In area of memory opened by the breach, not only plain text credentials could be seen, but also session IDs, and even the private passwords, that use the server to encrypt the SSL traffic. … – Source: Heise.de

It has always been the aim of b1group Gmbh, to ensure the highest possible security and 100% stability for your communication using talk42 chat software.

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