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Cloud Privacy – using talk42 Chat on 07.08.2013

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Data in der Cloud: testing online storage service

Be there on Wednesday 7 August 2013 between 13:00 and 14:00 with our talk42 Chat Software , and get answers to your questions about the cloud privacy issue from the experts of Stiftung Warentest, or even pose your questions now .

Online storage services are convenient for those who juggle back and forth between notebook, tablet and smartphone and want their files to be available on all their devices. But how safe are these services? In the light of intelligence sniffing programs such as “Prism” and “Tempora”, should users entrust their data to a provider? Stiftung Warentest has tested 13 online storage services. No one performs well. The biggest shortcoming: Data security and privacy.

Data access wherever you are

An online storage service is practical. for those who want to able to view photos or documents on their laptop, smart phone or on the computer in the office. Users only need to upload their data to a central storage system on the Internet and they can then see all of their Internet enabled devices. Cloud services as online storage are known, still have another advantage: They allow you to “share” data. For example , a son lives in Hamburg and would like to show photos to his parents in Munich, he can upload them to a cloud service and unlock it to enable his parents to view the respective image gallery. After clicking on a link, they can view the photos immediately on their computer, tablet or smart phone at home.

Worries about the Data Protection

Many users are unsure whether they should entrust their data to a storage service. The latest reports on the activities of the intelligence services have provoked much scepticism. Users are particularly concerened, not when it comes to harmless holiday photos or shopping lists, but their own medical records or job references. Is this data protected against access by thieves? What does the provider also do with the data? Do they make it accessible? Where the servers are located and where the data is stored and processed also plays an important role . There are differing levels of data protection Depending on the country and other legislation.

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