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DAAD talk42 LiveChat: Funding opportunities in Germany

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There are numerous funding opportunities available for foreign students,

academics and researchers in Germany. Yet, finding the right one is often difficult as there is a wide variety of potential donors. Who offers scholarships for studying in Germany? How do I apply for them? What do scholarships cover? Do I have to speak German for a successful scholarship application?

Chat and discuss your questions in English or German with our experts, Beate Schnier (Section “Policy Planning and Coordination” at the DAAD) and Arpe Caspary  (Director of the DAAD Information Centre Santiago de Chile), on Thursday, 12 September 2013, 4-5 pm CEST. You can also post your question beforehand in our talk42 ChatSuite and vote for other questions!

Here you will find the chat. We look forward to it.

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