DAAD-Chat with talk42 on 16th November 2011: Why, what and how? The importance of practical experience

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In Germany it is common practice for students to improve their career prospects and gain practical experience by working as an intern. In some fields of study this is even mandatory. As an international student you can benefit from this opportunity as well and choose among a great variety of available internships. While working in a German company you can also improve your German language skills and learn more about the German culture.

What are the specific regulations concerning internships in Germany? How would an internship improve my degree? Where can I find good internship opportunities in my field of study? Can I apply for post-graduation internships?

Chat and discuss your questions in English or German with experts Karin Pankau (National Coordinator, IAESTE Germany) and Sarah Stücken (RUB international student services at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum), in the chat using talk42 Software on Wednesday, 16th November 2011, 4-5pm CEST.


Please be aware that Ms Pankau and Ms Stücken are experts on internships in Germany. If you have more general questions about studying in Germany, please use the DAAD Contact Form or post your question on our Facebook profile. If you are interested in scholarships, we recommend the DAAD scholarship overview.

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