DAAD-Chat: Summer courses at German universities on 4th May 2011

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DAAD experts Sophia Krause and Anne Münkel

The summer break offers students a great possibility to collect some valuable experience abroad. Summer courses in Germany are particularly useful for international students, who plan to start a degree course at a German university anyway. Besides the preparatory language courses, there is a large number of academic institutes providing a wide range of available courses.

Where can I apply for courses? Where can I find out about content and deadlines? Who can help me with housing and transport issues? What is the range of costs for summer courses? Are there special visa conditions for international students applying for summer schools?

Chat and discuss your questions in English or German with our experts Sophia Krause (Programme Coordinator of FUBiS, the International Summer University of Freie Universität Berlin) and Anne Münkel (Administrator of the DAAD summer schools database) using talk42 Software on Wednesday, 4th May 2011, 4-5pm CEST. You can also post your question now and vote for other questions: http://www.study-in.de/en/chat/

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